Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In which there is groping

Everybody's (supposed to) have them. So what happens when you have a character with practically no limits?
Ladles and gentlespoons, allow me to introduce you to Alenei di Capernio, also known as Melinara Searinell, also known as Jonny Bentesson, also known as Honora D'Goodvine. My dearest Alenei is a criminal, a liar, a brawler, an illegitimate daughter of a nobleman and a street vendor, and a dog lover. She also has no limits that I have yet reached.
A bit of backstory: Shadow Council, the server on which my dear Alenei exists, has a large group of people who roleplay as the Convocation of Silvermoon, the government. Here's the page, if you want to know more: there's really too much to explain in a single post. Anyways, to get a spot in the Convocation (which Alenei wants), you have to have proof of identity. To have proof of identity for a person that doesn't exist, you have to have a source. Alenei's source is an alt of a friend of mine (Rani), who is a census clerk. Allow me to give you a short clip from our last meeting.

4/12 16:34:25.965 Lindorn lifts his chin, appraising the woman a tad nervously. "What brings you back to this part of town, hm?"
4/12 16:34:53.052 Alenei says: What brought me about in the first place, of course. [[This was the second visit. ]]
4/12 16:35:37.737 Lindorn locks his jaw, his heart skipping a beat. "Well then... name your price."
4/12 16:36:23.233 Alenei says: I need two things.
4/12 16:36:51.139 Lindorn says: And those would be...?
4/12 16:37:25.889 Alenei says: Another identification card, and a bit of investigation.
4/12 16:37:43.886 Alenei says: I understand you were quite the... explorer when you wrote for the papers.
4/12 16:38:17.209 Lindorn runs a hand over his hair in an attempt to keep cool. "Ah, yes, the [paper]. Turned out to be a flop, frankly."
4/12 16:39:57.124 Lindorn says: The card can be done without much trouble... the latter might be a bit of a problem, depending.
4/12 16:41:17.127 Alenei says: Depending on what?
4/12 16:41:29.116 Lindorn says: Depending on who or what we're talking about.
[[Chatter, chatter, chatter...]]
4/12 16:45:57.725 Alenei says: Hmmm.
4/12 16:46:34.671 Alenei says: I'll keep that in mind, yes?
4/12 16:46:40.383 Lindorn nods.
4/12 16:46:53.140 Lindorn says: Now, as for the card... I'll need reimbursement, as you know.
4/12 16:47:09.818 Alenei says: Oh, I'm not surprised.
4/12 16:47:35.966 Alenei plays with a piece of her hair.
4/12 16:48:57.381 Alenei says: So. You know my price. What's yours?
4/12 16:49:23.152 Lindorn snatches up his quill and quickly, professionally, fills out an empty form. He holds it up to her, out of reaching distance. "The shirt, off. And this time I get a handful." His heart was beating mercilessly, but he had the power, and he planned on using it.
4/12 16:50:27.143 Alenei unties the shirt quickly, hoping to get this over with.

I'll just, ahem, fade to black there, hmm? Therein lies the problem. Alenei knows what she wants. She knows how to get it. And she doesn't balk at doing what she 'has' to.
Now, here's another short clip:

4/12 16:53:00.784 Lindorn says: If you plan on using my services like this... the price will keep rising.
4/12 16:53:11.545 Alenei forces a smile. "Why am I not surprised?"
4/12 16:53:31.092 Lindorn says: I'm breaking the law, so you might as well make it worth my while.

There lies another problem. What happens when Lindorn pushes Alenei too far? Can Lindorn push Alenei too far? What will her limit be? It won't be sex, I'll tell you that. She's already, ahem, used her body with another man (one she barely knew) in order to create a sordid past for Melinara. The theory is that if someone (say, the press) finds something small and dirty, they won't keep going and discover that there is no such person as Melinara Searinell.
So, where do I set it? Where Alenei would stop? Where I would stop? I don't know where I would stop. Before this? After this? Do I try and set the limit now? Do I wait until he suggests something absolutely past the limits?
What do you think?
On a side note, my finger- and toenails are now "Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)".

Friday, April 9, 2010

In which there is racial, religious, and hyphenationary confusion

Two things.
1. I'm a horrible, terrible, un-blog-post-making liar.
2. I have a gnome warrior character. Her name is Shralinda Togglesprocket, and she was a member of the Gnomeregan Guard specializing in domestic disputes. I've just now delivered her to Teldrassil, where she will be spending a few weeks talking to the inhabitants and looking for rare plants. (The reason for that will come up later.) Running around with night elves has gotten me thinking, though...

If the night elves think that gnomes are insane (that's what Blogatelle says, anywho), so does Shralinda! I swear, it’s like I made Lindy a night elf at heart. She resolves conflict, doesn’t like it when people fight, believes in the order of things, doesn’t like to go above her station…

Let’s list, shall we?

Night elves outlawed magic. Magic was always a source of trouble on the beat for Lindy.

No advanced technology. Technology: same as magic!

Night elves think gnomes need taking care of. Lindy’s been cleaning up other gnomes’ messes for years.

Elune… now Elune is a tricky thing. I love Elune. I’m even thinking about making Lindy a… uh… Elunist? Never mind. Now hear me out here.

Elune is a mother. THE Mother. Gnomish families were large, possibly with matriarchal heads.

Elune is “a scion of peace”. Lindy resolved domestic conflicts.

Elune is “a protector of all living things”. Lindy… well, Lindy’d sure like to.

All right, cutting off there because it's almost midnight and woman cannot live on caffeine, sugar, and adrenaline alone. My references are Blogatelle's Play Files (I need to fangirl that) and WoWWiki.

Bis sp├Ąter, Freunden und Freundinnen.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Like Elvis Presley Singing Psalms On A Sunday

I lied. I didn't have anything for you quickly. I'll probably have something tomorrow.
Please take my lyrical advice!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

To defeat the Huns...

So. Let’s get down to it, eh?

This is called Aggro Range: Large not I myself am large (warning: sensitive issue) but because I get angry relatively fast.

I use big words.

I have one blood elf hunter on a roleplay forum that may or may not be disclosed (see? Big words). I’m also working on finding a race that will make me happy to play a priest with. I apologize for the grammar of that last sentence.

I like movies and will make many movie references. The title of this post is one such reference. Anyone who has watched Mulan will know it: "Let's get down to business/to defeat the Huns/Did they send me daughters/when I asked for sons."

Anything else? I think that’s all for now. I’ll have more for you later.

Until then:

Hasta la vista.