Friday, April 9, 2010

In which there is racial, religious, and hyphenationary confusion

Two things.
1. I'm a horrible, terrible, un-blog-post-making liar.
2. I have a gnome warrior character. Her name is Shralinda Togglesprocket, and she was a member of the Gnomeregan Guard specializing in domestic disputes. I've just now delivered her to Teldrassil, where she will be spending a few weeks talking to the inhabitants and looking for rare plants. (The reason for that will come up later.) Running around with night elves has gotten me thinking, though...

If the night elves think that gnomes are insane (that's what Blogatelle says, anywho), so does Shralinda! I swear, it’s like I made Lindy a night elf at heart. She resolves conflict, doesn’t like it when people fight, believes in the order of things, doesn’t like to go above her station…

Let’s list, shall we?

Night elves outlawed magic. Magic was always a source of trouble on the beat for Lindy.

No advanced technology. Technology: same as magic!

Night elves think gnomes need taking care of. Lindy’s been cleaning up other gnomes’ messes for years.

Elune… now Elune is a tricky thing. I love Elune. I’m even thinking about making Lindy a… uh… Elunist? Never mind. Now hear me out here.

Elune is a mother. THE Mother. Gnomish families were large, possibly with matriarchal heads.

Elune is “a scion of peace”. Lindy resolved domestic conflicts.

Elune is “a protector of all living things”. Lindy… well, Lindy’d sure like to.

All right, cutting off there because it's almost midnight and woman cannot live on caffeine, sugar, and adrenaline alone. My references are Blogatelle's Play Files (I need to fangirl that) and WoWWiki.

Bis sp├Ąter, Freunden und Freundinnen.

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